02 July 2010

sunday bathtime could take a while

(FINSK wedges, vintage sweater, American Apparel dress)

Gotta love FINSK shoes. If I had the option, I'd choose to die and be buried in them. And if I do happen to die in FINSK, it'd better damn well be in a fucking spectacular way (in a human cannonball performance gone tragically wrong, perhaps, and props if confetti and candy are involved), just so it'd make international headlines and everyone would go, "That's screwed up, how sa- OH WOW THOSE ARE SOME PRETTY AMAZING SHOES.".


  1. those shoes are quite possibly the sexiest things alive

  2. well then my shoes would like to thank you very much

  3. Anonymous9/7/10 23:25

    update plssss
    ! i love reading your blog!:D

  4. thanks! :) will update soon, just been reallyyy busy

  5. Whoa love the shoes! and the leopard looks great with it! I just found your blog on chictopia.com (I'm daisygirl89) You have a badass style! Cant wait for more posts!

    Please check out my latest post on my blog on the Levi's Girl Contest!